Midweek pennant Division 1 is doing very well and is on top of the ladder. Division 3 not doing so well but are doing their very best and all are trying hard. We had the day off for the Melbourne Cup and our alternative day was rained out. With no bowls for the week of the Victoria Open from the 9th to the 14th we have had a good break and should be rearing to go! Saturday pennant Premier Division is 3rd on the ladder, division 1 is 6th on their ladder and Division 7 is 2nd on their ladder. Good bowls to all.

On the 12th of November our members represented the Club in the Bellarine Shield which they all played well and came third overall. Thank you to all who participated on the day.
Ladies Guest day was postponed due to low entries but will be arranged for another date early in the new year.

Midweek Pennant players have dinner on the 21st of December. Buy your own meal; bring a gift to the value of $5 for Santa to distribute.

Don’t forget to organise a table for New Year’s Eve at the Club. Pay for your own meal and stay for the band ‘Trio Plus One’. It should be a good night as we have enjoyed the band many times before. Dont Forget to book our Courtesy Bus!!

If you haven’t already please fill out the survey form and get it back to Erin as soon as possible. Thank you to those who have alreay filled it out. 
The card people are still playing cards on a Friday afternoon at 1pm, everyone is welcome to come and play Crazy Whist with them and it is quite easy.

To our unwell members our thoughts are with you.

Sue Jennings,
Bowls President